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It is the near future, and a new type of septimal power has emerged.Although the people initially viewed these powers with fear, a large conglomerate known as the Sumeragi Group has brought peace and order to the world by taking it upon themselves to supervise the adepts who possess these powers.
However, it is a peace that has come at the cost of the adepts subjugated by Sumeragi.
For what Sumeragi describes as a shelter for adepts is, in fact, a concentration camp.
Cruel experiments are conducted daily on the adepts held prisoner there.
For a long time, the Sumeragi Group has kept the goals of its experiments a secret.
But now, a group that has learned of Sumeragi’s intentions has risen up against them.
Their name is QUILL. They are an armed resistance force and subdivision of a foreign human rights organization dedicated to protecting adepts. Gunvolt, the hero of this story, is also a member of QUILL. The story begins when QUILL orders him to assassinate Lumen, a virtual pop star.


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