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Azure Striker Gunvolt Autumn Update Patch Notes

Christmas Mode 2016 Details

Winter has arrived in the world of Azure Striker Gunvolt once again, and the stages have Christmas presents raining from the sky! Shoot or zap the presents to open them up, and collect the various gifts that pop out from them. The chilling cold has frozen all the stages and made the floors very slippery too, so watch your footing as you take down enemies, collect presents, and make your way to the bosses!
Presents will rain down only during specific times throughout the stage, although they particularly rain down like crazy after you destory a Hexapyle. There are other instances where presents will rain down too. For example, when the last two digits of your score are the same number, it will release a whole bunch of presents. There are other things that trigger presents too though, so keep an eye out for them!
Your total amount of presents will be tallied after you complete the opening stage and the six boss stages (Merak, Jota, Viper, Carrera, Elise, and Stratos), so collect as many presents you can and get your name up on those leaderboards!
We also made a new Christmas BGM song that will make you feel all light and fluffy inside, so we tweaked the jump mechanics a bit to reflect this feeling too! We hope you enjoy the whole new feeling that mid-air battles will take on, and a lot more, in Christmas Mode 2016!

Azure Striker Gunvolt February Update

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What is Easy Mode & Hard Mode?

Easy Mode is for players who have been unable to complete the game who want to see the story through to its conclusion.

  • The attack power of your Flashfield has been greatly increased.
  • Prevasion will still activate even while using the Flashfield.
  • Prevasion will still activate even if the Prevasion Chain is not equipped.
  • EP consumption has been greatly reduced.
  • EP recovery speed has been increased.
  • Being revived by Lumen's Anthem is now possible even when you fall in a pit.
  • You will not lose your accumulated Kudos when you take damage.
  • SP recovery speed has been increased.
  • You will not die even when submerged in water.
  • ※Any save data created while playing in Easy Mode will be marked with "Easy" in that save slot

For those of you looking to enjoy a greater challenge, Hard Mode is the answer. The difficulty is more tough, but the chance to rack up big scores is greater than ever.

  • Gunvolt's HP has been greatly reduced.
  • Lava, spikes, and other such highly dangerous traps are now one-hit kills .
  • You will not level up.
  • You will not start the game with QUILL Signet item.
  • It takes more time to recover from overheating.
  • You will immediately overheat every time you use Prevasion.
  • You are unable to use Special Skills.
  • There is a 0% chance that Lumen will sing her Anthem for you.
  • Your lightning attacks now deal more damage.
  • You will receive more Kudos from all of your lightning attacks.
  • More bonus Kudos are yielded when you earn Double, Triple, or Air Attack bonus Kudos
  • The background music will begin to change as you accumulate more Kudos.
  • Gunvolt debuts a badass new black costume.
  • ※Any save data created while playing in Hard Mode will be marked with "Hard" in that save slot.

We hope you enjoy these big new changes we have made to the Steam version of Azure Striker Gunvolt!

Azure Striker Gunvolt January Update

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What is Point Blank Mode?

Now, you may be saying “Hang on a sec, his lightning looks pretty different…and is GV red?!” The answer to both is an emphatic “yes”!
In addition to Gunvolt getting a new color palette for this mode, a core gameplay mechanic has been altered to create a completely new method of attack that will challenge the most tried and true speedrun tactics. The premise behind Point Blank is as follows:

  • The further away you are from your targets, the less damage you will do. The thin bolts of electricity that you see in the above screenshot deal much less damage than the standard Flashfield does.
  • On the other hand, the closer you are to your targets, the damage caused by your electrical attacks is greatly increased, dealing much more damage than a standard Flashfield strike. You know you’re close enough when you summon those giant lightning bolts that you see in the above screenshot.

Positioning will be more important than ever in this speedrun mode, as you discover the pros and cons of using much weaker attacks from a safe distance and much stronger attacks from a dangerous point blank range. How will these new chances affect your best times? That remains to be seen!

Get right in the faces of Sumeragi’s baddest and toughest foes and strike with greater power than ever!

Azure Striker Gunvolt December Update

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What is Perma-Anthem Mode?

Perma-Anthem?! That's right! In this new Speedrun Mode, Lumen has your back right from the beginning, and Anthem is just as powerful as you remember! Unlimited EP, unlimited air dashes and air jumps...why, you're a electricity shootin' powerhouse! This amazing power-up stays with you throughout the entire run, so you can use these incredible powers to their fullest!

Now, you're probably saying "Dude, there has to be a catch..."

You're right. There is!

In Perma-Anthem mode, in order to tip the scales of power back in their direction a bit, Sumeragi lined the floors and ceilings of their treacherous stages with razor-sharp spikes!
Unfortunately for Gunvolt, these spikes have more of an "old-school" feel to them, and even in his high powered, Anthem rockin' state, these babies are a 1-hit kill! All other settings for this mode are the same as in the Standard Speedrun Mode.

This is our toughest challenge yet! We can't wait to see your high scores!

Azure Striker Gunvolt November Update

  • A new gameplay mode called "Christmas Mode" has been added.
  • Christmas Mode also gets its own corresponding Leaderboards.
  • Various bugs have been fixed.

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What is Christmas Mode?

The world of Gunvolt has been transformed into a winter wonderland is this brand new gameplay mode! When you visit the opening stage, and the stages for Merak, Jota, Viper, Carrera, Elise, and Stratos, you will get to experience their stages in a whole new way! The weather outside is indeed frightful, but that’s OK because by the look of things, Santa must be a huge Gunvolt fan, because he is raining down presents for you to acquire! Of course, since it’s so chilly and snowy outside, the floors maaay be a teensy-weensy bit slippery ;) Keep your ears open for a new song too!

There will also be a dedicated Christmas Mode leaderboard too, so make you collect as many of Jolly Ole Saint Nick’s presents as you can, since this leaderboard will rank you based on the number of presents you can obtain!

Azure Striker Gunvolt October Update

  • A new gameplay mode called "Endless Attack Mode" has been added.
  • Endless Attack Mode also gets its own corresponding Leaderboards.
  • Korean language support has also been added, making a total of 9 different languages.
  • Various bugs have been fixed

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What is Endless Attack Mode?

In Endless Attack Mode, once the game starts, you do not return to the stage select screen as you continuously make your way through stages until you run out of HP. Your score is based off how many stages you can clear through. Progressing through stages is quite a bit different in this mode, however. When you destroy a hexapyle (pink gates that transfer you to the next part of a stage) or defeat a boss, you will be transported to a completely random stage, either at the beginning of a stage or from one of the hexapyles that appear midway through a stage. You will continue in this fashion until you run out of HP, at which point it's game over, and you will return to the Title Screen. Custom gameplay settings have been implemented for this mode as well:

  • You will only have access to three special skills: Astrasphere, Luxcalibur, and Voltaic Chains
  • Prevasion has been disabled
  • You will be unable to refill your HP, with the exception of leveling up (when you level up, your HP is restored to full)
  • All of your accumulated Kudos will remain when you move between areas (they will be lost if you touch a retry marker though, as they normally would)

On these long autumn nights, challenge yourself into the wee hours of the morning and see how far you can go!

Korean language support is now here!

This was previously only available in the Korea region on the 3DS version of the game, but now all Steam users can play the game in Korean as well.

Azure Striker Gunvolt Steam Ver. September Update Information

  • A brand new setting for Speedrun Mode is ready to be challenged! This new setting, known as "Kudos Keeper", brings a whole new method to speedrun the game to the table!
  • Scores for each individual mission (played during the normal, non-Speedrun Mode playthroughs of the game) will now be featured on online Leaderboards!
  • Speedrun Mode will have its own Leaderboards too, which will feature clear times for both the Standard Speedrun Mode, and the new Kudos Keeper Speedrun Mode.
  • Keyboard controls are now fully customizable! Simply assign the key you would like to assign to the corresponding button, and you're ready to go!
  • Various minor bugs have been fixed.

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New Setting for Speedrun Mode: Kudos Keeper

As you may have guessed, Kudos Keeper places a strong emphasis on maintaining high levels of Kudos, which is Gunvolt's in-game combo system. In this mode, the more Kudos you collect, the higher your attack power for both your tags and your Flashfield becomes! Once you have 100 Kudos, your attack power will increase by 10%. When you have 1000 Kudos, your attack power increases by 200%, and if you can manage to maintain a whopping 9000+ Kudos, your attack power will top out at a 1000% increase! That's 10x the amount electrical butt kicking power!!

The other catch to this mode is, unlike every other version of the game, you do not cash in all of your Kudos at the end of a stage! Any Kudos that you can maintain at the end of a stage will be carried over to the next stage, where you will be able to continue to accumulate them and hopefully reach 9999!

Outside of this new system, the settings for Kudos Keeper will be the same as the Standard Speedrun Mode (no Prevasion, no Anthem, etc.).

Leaderboards Rank the Top Scores for Each Stage in Normal Mode

With the new Leaderboards, top scores for every stage played in the Normal mode of the game are kept. These are separated by stage, so you can easily view the data you are looking for! You will also be see the clear times for each score as well (although rankings will be judged based only on the score). Finding your own score and your friends' scores is breeze, so aim for the top score and all the awesome bragging rights that come with it!

Speedrun Mode Has Its Own Leaderboards Too

Similar to the Leaderboards for the Normal mode stages, boards for both the Standard version and the Kudos Keeper version of Speedrun Mode are available as well. The key difference here is that for these, only your fastest final clear time is calculated. Strikers, are you a fast enough dude to get your name into the Top 10??