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These glaives are storage devices created by the Sumeragi Group which control the flow of a user’s
septimal energy. Normally, an adept has what is called a “septimosome” inside their bodies which
allow them to use their septimal powers at will. The adepts under Sumeragi’s command, however,
have had their septimosome extracted and stored inside sword-shaped devices known as Glaives that
can be remotely controlled. This allows Sumeragi to prevent any unwanted outbursts of septimal
energy from those under their control. When the adept is in danger, Sumeragi’s adept monitoring
facility can give a go-ahead order for the adept to unleash the septimosome inside the Glaive.
The septimosome then fuses with the adept and triggers a complete body transformation. Currently,
these Glaives are the only means for an adept to repress their powers and live a normal life. However,
there is much that is still unknown about adapts, so it is still too early to tell if these Glaives will become a
boon for adepts, or a disaster waiting to happen…


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